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Adult Education

Throughout the week, Magen Israel hosts a plethora of adult education classes, geared to all levels of prior knowledge. Ranging from one-on-one beginner classes until advanced Kabbalah classes, Magen Israel strives to impart a well-rounded and thorough Jewish education to the members of our community.

Family Purity Program

Inspired by the guidance of the Torah, Mrs. Chayempour has been lecturing and presenting courses on the beauty of Jewish Family Purity, as seen through the lenses of Halacha and Kabbalah.

The impact has been tremendous, and the awareness of this beautiful way of life has touched hundreds of families throughout our community. To date, Mrs. Chayempour has had the privilege of inspiring over 200 women from the Great Neck community to become a part of the Mikvah 1000 initiative.

Stay tuned for new and revamped refresher-courses on the Laws of Family Purity, soon to be announced.