History of our Early Childhood Program

Seeing the desperate need for Jewish education for the youth, Rabbi and Mrs. Chayempour launched the very first Jewish Educational Preschool for the Persian Jewish Community of Great Neck.

With the objective of educating their students in the ways of the Torah, Rabbi Chayempour and Morah Tammy have since become integral and authoritative voices for the furtherance of advancing children’s education in Great Neck.

As pioneers of youth education, much of the fruits of their labors can be seen within the rapid developments that has begun to sprout within the growing Jewish Community of Great Neck.

About the Program

Magen Israel Early Childhood Center When a parent sends a child to school, they are entrusting their most precious possessions into the hands and hearts of others. Every parent dreams of a teacher who will love their child like their own, a place where his/her personal strengths are appreciated and nurtured. They dream of a teacher who inspires joy and celebrates growth, and a place where chinuch is personal and Torah true.

For the parents of Magen Israel Early Childhood Center, it is not a dream. For over twenty five years the founders of Magen Israel Early childhood center have inspired hundreds of children through the light of Torah and the joys of self discovery.

Every child is loved and cherished as one of the Magen Israel family. Every day is filled with laughter, learning and new experiences. Every teacher inspires growth, infuses warmth and empowers her students to be their very best. The adage “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn”, is not a sign on the door, it is the focus in every classroom.

Learning is a stimulation of hearts, minds and skills, and in Magen Israel we uphold the highest standard in these areas. Learning is personal; we cultivate each child’s strengths  and guide them through mastery of their challenges. The approach that supports every lesson, every activity, and every interaction is the joy in  “Chanuch L’nar al Pi darko”- the joy in educating each child in accordance with their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Under the dynamic leadership of Rabbi and Mrs. Tammy Chayempour, Magen Israel has grown to be the model for excellence in preschool education for any Jewish child. Please help us support the extraordinary work of the Magen Israel Early Childhood Center as we continue to make a difference one child at a time.