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Our Mission

Rabbi Chayempour and Magen Israel Education

At Magen Israel Primary School we believe that every Jewish child deserves a true chinuch, founded on the principals of Ahavat Hashem, Ahavat Yisrael, and Ahavat HaTorah. We’re committed, to providing the highest standards of education in both Judaic and General studies in a environment that fosters creativity and academic achievements. Our mission is to empower our students through cultivating strong character traits and middot tovot. We work to develop our students skills, molding them into the role models and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Approach

We believe that learning is an integrated experience, woven into the fabric of each school day. Hands-on activities and interactive lessons provide a fully engaging learning experience. With a focus on individual attention and an appreciation for the unique qualities of every student, we endeavor to meet the needs of each child in a warm and safe environment.

Our Curriculum

Judaic Studies

At Magen Israel we employ curricula that is well-researched and at the cutting edge of the education field.

Tefilla: Our connection to Hashem is an integral part of the Magen Israel day. Our Tefilla course focuses on teaching the meaning of the daily tefillot in an engaging and succinct manner. Jewish melodies and niggunim are incorporated into tefillot to familiarize the student with praying in a shul setting. The class follow the Edut Mizrachi Nusach; students are encouraged to observe their family minhagim and daven with their own siddurim.

Kriah: Mastering the Aleph Bet is key to a successful Jewish education. It is a foundation upon which a student’s entire future Torah-learning career is built. The highly acclaimed Aleph Champ system uses contemporary approaches to support the age old mesorah based on the principles of Kabbala. Taking inspiration from martial arts, Hebrew reading skills are divided  into ten levels. Moving up a level is Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students which makes them self motivated to succeed. Students receive daily one-on-one practice time with their teachers, enabling each child to reach their maximum capacity.

Lashon Hakodesh: Chumash Bereishit contains just over three hundred words unique to Lashon Hakodesh. These words present themselves throughout the Chumash many times in different forms assuming one or more of the twenty seven prefixes and suffixes found in Lashon Hakodesh. The Lashon Hatorah program, developed by Rabbi J. Rietti of Breakthrough Chinuch, helps the child become an independent translator of the Hebrew language through mastery of the shorashim and suffixes. A strong foundation in these three hundred words ensures a successful journey of Chumash study throughout the coming school years.

Chumash: We employ the cutting-edge Torah For Children Chumash which provides a comprehensive and interactive curriculum. Rich graphics and illustrations present the material in appealing manner that brings the learning to life and builds textual comprehension. The system incorporates decoding, recognition, and review embedded into an actual Chumash providing students with the skills necessary to become an independent learner.

Halacha: Our Halacha curriculum focuses on halachot that are relevant to children. The Daily Halacha program not only teaches the body of the halacha but opens the discussion for practical application of the material. We work on mastering all six hundred and thirteen mitzvot, laying the foundation for the study of Mishna and Gemara.

Parsha and Chagim: The Jewish calendar and the weekly Parsha are an integral part of our curriculum. Hands on activities enhance the material and bring the Torah to life. With a strong emphasis on learning from our tzaddikim, we strive to instill a deep level of yirat shamayim in our pupils. The Tzivot Hashem program incentives students to work on their middot and connection to Hashem through the latest in cutting-edge technology.

General Studies: Our dynamic curriculum maintains the highest standards of study through a comprehensive general studies program. The Wonders program teaches reading, writing, grammar, sight words, vocabulary and spelling. Go Math follows the Common Core Curriculum and conforms to the standards of the Great Neck Public School System. Hands-on activities and interactive lessons provide a fully engaging learning experience. With a focus on individual attention, we endeavor to help each child reach their maximum potential.

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Applications are now open for grades K-5. To learn more about our school or to schedule an interview please call (516) 482-2305.

School Uniforms

School uniforms can be ordered from either Lands End or Cookies.

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Office Number: (516) 482-2305

School Address: 175 Community Drive, Great Neck, 11021